Cynthia Ravosa

Author: Mock Webware |

When we first opened our business, we used Paychex, they made a fatal error that cost us money and many man hours in our firm to get corrected. We switched to ADP, which was a disaster, they got payroll wrong on several occasions, and they did not do well with changes. With Paychex and ADP, they would change a delivery fee of $12.50-$16.00 costing our small firm over $300.00 per year being in business 18 years that would have amounted to $5,400.00 and then we had to pay a person to open the envelope, take out the checks, file the reports which eventually went into storage boxes. With dedicated Payroll the payroll is delivered by email, I can print checks from home or my office, the cost $50.00 for a box of blank security paper. Dedicated Payroll has excellent customer service; I can actually reach a human being and get my questions answered quickly. But the best thing is the cost, they are reasonably priced, we save a substantial amount on payroll costs by switching. I am so glad that I found Dedicated Payroll.